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Deciding to be FOR our Neighbors

This year at BGCC we’ve dedicated around 20 babies and children. Our nursery is packed! I rejoice in the number of young couples and children our church counts as part of our family. I’m thrilled because our church is growing younger.  Ten years ago this wasn’t the case. I remember walking past the nursery during service to pick up something needed for my sermon. Inside were two nursery attendants with no babies to watch. I stopped and said, “It’s a slow Sunday I guess?” Their answer was chilling, “No, it’s pretty normal.”  This was a defining moment for me and our church. I went to the elders and shared my encounter because we needed to make a choice. We could stick with what we had because our church was just the way we liked it. We could have kept this going for sometime because only the nursery was empty. Next year our toddler class would be empty, then our preschool classes, and eventually we’d have no children meeting downstairs. Our youth would grow up and leave, but we’d be fi

Intellectual Humility

If you think you know what you're talking about, then there's a good chance you don't. Cornell University psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger devised a series of tests to assess individuals skills and knowledge. They then asked the participants to rank themselves on how they thought they performed. Those who scored in the bottom 25% of these tests ranked themselves as scoring around 62%. In other words, those who knew the least thought they knew the most. You can read more about this "Dunning-Kruger Effect" here at Psychology Today. This should remind us to be a a little more humble. We all have something to learn, even if we don't know it! We don't know what we don't know and we need humility when it comes to our beliefs.  Unfortunately many Christians act as though their limited knowledge of scripture makes them an expert in biblical interpretation, church history, politics, medicine, international trade, mechanics, and animal husbandry. Wh

Option C Church

We are being sorted into silos - thought silos. In the past your entire community read one or two newspapers and heard the same stories. They watched the same few broadcast channels and got the same news. Today we all have our own news feeds customized by algorithms to what engages us most. (Watch The Social Dilemma for an eye-opening peek behind the digital sorter that is grouping us without our knowledge.) If you’re not on social media (first congratulations) you’re still being sorted. For a fun experiment go to , then , and scroll the headlines. Unless there’s been a major disaster, you'll have to scroll past a couple stories to find some commonality. It’s like these two news sources are from different countries - different planets. We don't mind because we KNOW we’re right and those who disagree with us are wrong. They might also be evil or just plain dumb. We know this is true because we live in an echo chamber. We hear the same perspective again and

Hot Topics

Why should we talk about hot button issues? Didn’t Jesus just preach the gospel?  He preached that the kingdom of God was at hand (Matthew 4:17). He warned how his kingdom would upset the powers at work (Luke 19:23-30)! He called Herod a fox (an insult in Luke 13:32), the Pharisees snakes (Matthew 12:32), he told Pilate he only had borrowed power (John 19:11). He pronounced woe on the wealthy (Luke 6:24). He declared the temple was an empty shell (Luke 21:5-6, John 2:19). He even taught about taxes (Luke 20:22-25). Jesus waded into explosive situations. Just read Matthew 5 and the "Sermon on the Mount" where he blew up the teachings of his day including adultery and murder - lust and hate. He wasn’t afraid to talk about greed and possessions. He thought someone could have too much (Luke 12:16-21). If Jesus went there why don’t we?  I’m not Jesus. You’re not Jesus. So, none of us should feel free to proclaim, “Thus saith The Lord” after our opinions. But, we should have the co