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Help Your Kids Love The Church

It breaks my heart when I see other pastor's kids grow up resenting the church. In some of these situations I've had a front row seat and have learned some lessons from these failures. I've also seen the mantle of ministry passed down from one generation to the next and have learned lessons from these successes. Jenny and I want our children to love the church as much as we do when they grow up. This one goal has guided us in a lot of our decision making. Here are some of the principles we've adopted to pass our love for ministry on to our kids.  Don't drag them to church all the time. Kids all have to go to work with their parents from time to time, but I try to not do it more than anyone else. I also try to give them the choice if possible. There was a time when they wanted to come to church because they could play on the air hockey table and shoot baskets in the gym. When it comes to work places our church is a pretty fun place for kids, but familiarity does bre

Why You Should Stay

Long-term ministers make friends with other pastors in their area. I was told this is a statistically common trait of clergy with longevity, but I had already discovered my need for this type of friendship. Local ministry friends have been a great encouragement to me. I’m now on my second generation of friends as I’ve been here long enough to see churches have 2 or 3 pastors rotate in and out. Some of these pastors have to leave because their denomination moves them or their church fires them. Others choose to go to another congregation.  We can't control other people's choices, but I've noticed some pastors seem to willingly cycle through churches every 3-5 years. It’s like they built up a solid 4 year’s worth of sermons and then quit writing messages. So, when they’re out of material they go! The allure is clear. You get to re-use your jokes, stories, illustrations, and sermons. You can start again in that beautiful ministry honeymoon. During the first two years everythin