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#Struggles Series Resources

Sunday we wrapped up our series #Struggles. 

We live in a time and place where we can watch whatever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want, and do it in complete privacy from our computer, TV, or smartphone. Let me call this out, it's too easy to get our minds and eyes on pornography. It's important for us to stay focused and guard our thoughts. Guarding our thoughts starts with guarding our eyes and what we allow into our minds as fodder for free time thinking.

If you struggle with pornography you need to get some digital accountability. If you're a parent, you need to know that your kids should not be allowed to have free access to the internet, they need some digital accountability. In my house we have used a program called Qustodio. This program allows me to set filters on my children's internet use, set alerts for certain types of behaviors (i.e. accessing a search engine), to set time limits on their internet use, and to see all of their internet activity. I can install this on their profile on the computer and on their handheld digital devices (i.e. iPod, tablets). A basic version of this is free, but you'll probably need to pay for one to cover all your families' devices. I'm not a paid endorser just a dad that knows he needs to protect his kids and that you need to protect yours. You can view, preview, and subscribe to Qustodio at

We've recently switched to Mobicip ( because it seemed to play better with the Chrome platform. I'm not sure that I really have a preference between the two of these programs and strongly recommend you check out both. 

In addition to having Mobicip on my kids phones and computers, we also have a whole house internet filter. This guards the content flowing through our family's wifi. This means that when our kids have friends over their devices are filtered as well (unless of course they switch to use their cell data). 

As my kids get older I tell them, "Nothing is foolproof and you can probably beat this. It's not there as a challenge. It's there to help." They get it and it allows me to have more honest conversations with them about their internet habits. 

I'm still trying to figure all of this out, but am pleased with what we're doing. This is not an exhaustive list. There are other great programs out there, simply search for "internet filter" and you'll find a host of great programs like NetNanny, CovenantEyes, and a host of others. It took some time for me to find what would work for us, but it was time well spent. Do the research and find a program you can use then start using it! It's too important to guard our hearts and minds and the hearts and minds of our kids. If you need help with focus then get it.