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Demo Day

Tearing things down is easy, unless we're talking about our hearts, minds, or souls. In the physical world, it's easier to tear something down rather than build it up. It's easier because no skill is required and gravity works with you. A hammer, some brute force, and you’re done! Given enough time most of us could completely tear down a house, but few would have the skill to rebuild. "Demo Day" might be our favorite when it comes to working around the house, but it's something we avoid in our personal lives. A bad habit is easy to fall into, but hard to break. The idea of giving up for good something like smoking, overeating, drinking, or pornography seems like an impossible task. It's easier to leave the ugliness in than tear it out once and for all. We might not be able to tear it out completely, but most people find they can take a break from their vices. Maybe this is why for centuries the church has encouraged people to make a sacrifice for lent. Giv