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The Cup of Forgiveness

Forgiveness alters the laws of relationships the way Superman defies the laws of physics. Forgiveness doesn’t make sense. Perhaps that is why throughout the centuries the church has declared as part of its central faith tenet,  “I believe in the forgiveness of sins.”  That’s a powerful statement, let it sink in…if you really believe it then you believe that debts can be cancelled, laws bent, and scoreboards erased.   Give a cup of cold water to your friend? Sure! A stranger? Perhaps. An enemy? No.  We want to do to others as they have done to us or before they can do to us. This is our default, which is why we struggle with Jesus' command to, "Love your enemies." (Matthew 5:44) This command is so difficult that Paul in his letter to the Roman church reminds us of it, as if to say, "Take Jesus seriously." (Romans 12:14-21) Forgiveness is a cup of cold water that we give to our enemies - after we have swallowed our own pride.   Forgiveness is easy to understand -