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You Get What You Pay For

You get what you pay for, I've learned this the hard way...a few times. I "saved" money buying a used lawnmower only to have it break, pay to fix it, and then pay to replace it. It would have been much cheaper to buy a new one from the start. We get what we pay for in life whether it's lawnmowers, homes, or relationships. If we want life-giving relationships they require constant investment. We have to continually work to make our relationships work, which might explain why so many relationships don't work out. The Apostle Peter was a man who knew a thing or two about broken relationships. He was impulsive and constantly put his foot in his mouth. He cut off a servant's ear in anger and denied knowing Jesus in fear. He learned many lessons the hard way by the time he wrote the books of 1 & 2 Peter. He had also seen God's love come through time and time again. It was with this well-earned wisdom that he wrote about the four key investments we all have