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How To Read The Bible Everyday

Many people will be making a New Year's resolution to read the Bible more. Yet, many people will get frustrate and quit in a few weeks or in the middle of Leviticus (whatever comes first). Part of the problem is that most people don't have a good approach to reading scripture. They approach Bible reading like a novel, newspaper, or dictionary. Each of these readings will bless you with some benefit, but fail to approach the Bible as an inspired text. Below is a brief description of an approach you can use and modify to hopefully get more out of God's word... In The Morning Pray a short prayer simply asking God to bless your time with him. Read through the first psalm and pause on any word or phrase that stands out to you. Offer up to God whatever is on your heart for the day and/or from the psalm you read. Ask God to bless your continued reading and then read the main passage and Proverb. Glance back over your reading for anything that you want to remember. Say