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Bible Reading Plan

Reading the Bible is on many people's bucket lists but it can be an overwhelming and frustrating task. Often people start reading from the beginning and then give up somewhere in Leviticus. Or perhaps you started reading the New Testament and felt a little bored by reading the same stories four times! Usually readers quit and then resolve to start over, so they re-read the same things again and again.

I've been there and know the struggle of keeping up with a regular Bible reading habit. Thankfully I've struggled through (after a few false starts) and have found it to be an incredible blessing. Let me tell you I have found that regular Bible reading is completely worth the effort!

After experimenting with several different Bible reading plans and finding none that worked for me, I came up with my own. This reading plan is a bit of a hybrid but was created with four specific goals in mind... 

  1. Rotate the readings to keep them fresh so you're always engaged. This reading plan alternates the main reading between the Old Testament and New Testament books. It also has a daily Proverb and a morning & evening Psalm. I've read through the Bible "cover-to-cover" a few times, but I like this better. The alternating readings remind me that everything points to Jesus! 
  2. Keep the readings at a digestible length so you're able to meditate on them. Reading through the entire Bible in year requires a lot of reading. This plan keeps it manageable by reading through the Old Testament in two years. It also gives you a psalm and proverb everyday so you can meditate on different passages.
  3. Systematically work through the entire Bible so you eventually read all of God's word. In addition to reading through the whole Old Testament every two yours you'll read through the New Testament every year, all of the Psalms three times a year, and the Proverbs once a year. 
  4. Ensure that the readings are easily available wherever/whenever you want to read. I love reading in my Bible, but I don't always have it with me. This reading is emailed every Saturday for the week so you can save it and then use the links to read at home, at work, or sitting in the car rider line. 
Sign-up now to receive these readings to your inbox every Saturday. This month the primary readings will come from Matthew so you'll be able to read about the life of Christ during the month we celebrate his birth. You'll get an email with the texts listed and a link to read the Bible on a website that looks just like a page of your paper Bible.

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