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What Makes A Classic A Classic

Everyone appreciates a classic - white wall tires and wire wheels turn heads. A crowd gathers around a classic car and even around classic people. You know the type, someone you look at and say, "I hope I'm that cool when I'm their age." Everyone appreciates a classic, but not everyone becomes a classic. But, what is it that makes a classic a classic?

Charles Stanley still preaches at 85. A vintage car still turns heads at 60. The reason both draw people in is because of the value they give to others. People want to look under the hood of a classic car because they want to marvel at muscle car engineering. People attend Stanley's church because they want to learn from this godly sage. You can always tell a classic by the value it gives to others. People are drawn to classics because they learn, they marvel, they enjoy a blessing from being near a classic.

You might be wondering, "Am I a classic? Am I becoming a classic or not?" The answer to is found in another question, "Am I bringing value to other people? Am I contributing to their lives and helping them grow?" Think about your recent interactions with people. Do you demand or do you bless? Do you criticize or do you encourage? Are people drawn to you because you bring them value? Or are they repelled by you because your presence is taxing?

The good news is that it is entirely in our control to become a classic. We can decide to bless instead of curse, to encourage instead of criticize, to bring out the best and not the worst in others. If you're wondering how to do this, I think I can offer a three steps to "classic-hood."

First, pray for the people in your life. Ask that God would richly bless them in their lives and that he would use you as a conduit of blessing. Second, listen and affirm those who are younger than you. Hear them out as they explain their struggle. Affirm their value and identify their strengths. Normalize their experience so they know they're not alone. Third, be transparent. Don't be an expert simply share your own experience good or bad and let them learn from it. If you learned something the hard way tell them about that and what you wish you could have done differently.

These three ideas I think can go a long way to bringing value to others. If you do that I think you'll be on your way to becoming a classic, and I'm sure there are others. Think about it, what can you do to bring out value in those around you?