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What Makes A Classic A Classic

Everyone appreciates a classic - white wall tires and wire wheels turn heads. A crowd gathers around a classic car and even around classic people. You know the type, someone you look at and say, "I hope I'm that cool when I'm their age." Everyone appreciates a classic, but not everyone becomes a classic. But, what is it that makes a classic a classic? Charles Stanley still preaches at 85. A vintage car still turns heads at 60. The reason both draw people in is because of the value they give to others. People want to look under the hood of a classic car because they want to marvel at muscle car engineering. People attend Stanley's church because they want to learn from this godly sage. You can always tell a classic by the value it gives to others. People are drawn to classics because they learn, they marvel, they enjoy a blessing from being near a classic. You might be wondering, "Am I a classic? Am I becoming a classic or not?" The answer to is fo