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Help Your Child Succeed At Church Camp

In our connected digital world the idea of your child going off the grid can be terrifying. When I went to church camp, in the dark ages, there were no cell phones or even local numbers to call. There was a camp phone in some cabin or office that could be used only for emergencies (i.e. heart attacks, compound fractures, death). We didn't post happy pictures of kids at camp. We took pictures with disposable cameras and then developed pictures of rocks, trees, and our thumbs. In many ways, not much has changed. Cell phone service is spotty at camp because it's camp and camp is not in town. This means phone calls may or may not be able to get through, using the camp phone is still really for emergencies (can you imagine if every parent called once a day?), and pictures may or may not get posted. I have kids, I want them to be safe, but we all have to learn to let go and let them have fun at camp. As a dad and camp veteran I want to give you parents some tips to help your c