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Don't Worry You've Already Missed God's Will For Your Life

Last Sunday we started a new series "Fearless" which got me thinking about all the things Christians fear. One of the top fears I hear as a pastor is missing God's will. I have spoken with so many believers who are so paralyzed by this fear that they can't decide which job to take, what school to go to, or where to live because "God hasn't told them"! If you find yourself stuck in this place let me break some truth to you slowly and gently: God doesn't have a plan for your next real estate purchase, investment, vacation, job, school, or even where you live, but don't worry - this is a good thing! This is good because if God had a will for your life, you would have already missed it. You would have already taken a wrong turn several years ago and would now be so far off track you could never get back to the original plan. You couldn't get back to the plan because you couldn't go back in time! Just like George Bailey your life has set