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The Problem of Fear

We live in an age of fear. We fear nuclear war with N. Korea and trade war with China. Just when we stopped being afraid of the recession we started fearing inflation. We’re afraid we won’t save enough money to retire on or that it will be taken away by the state if we do. We fear our politicians ( seriously see this poll ). We’re afraid of failing and sometimes success. We’re afraid we’re going to ruin our relationships and be terrible friends, spouses, or parents. We’re afraid we won’t measure up or that when it’s all said and done we measured ourselves by the wrong standards. We’re afraid that our parents were right and that we’re turning into them. We’re afraid of diseases and their vaccinations. We’re afraid of fake news or worse that the news is true. We are afraid. Maybe this is why the command “Do not be afraid” is one of the most common commands in the Bible. There are over 100 commands about fear, worry, or anxiety in the New Testament alone. While it might seem that pol