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Serve Graciously

“Volunteer” what does that word conjure up in your mind? A)“Something I have to do…mostly so I don’t feel guilty,” B)“Something I’m glad I do once I get there, but never look forward to it,” C)“Something that gives me purpose and that allows me to use my gifts to bless others,” or D)”All the above”?

I suspect that most of us would pick “D)All the above” because we’ve all hopefully had positive experiences that really allowed us to feel like we’ve made a difference. We’ve also all unfortunately had negative experiences where we felt like we were wasting our time.  Yet, we keep doing it because volunteering is good for us and for our community. In fact recent studies have found that people who volunteer are generally healthier and have a better attitude! 

The church has been calling people to serve, to minister, for centuries. The reason we have called for people to serve is because we believe that it is good for us spiritually. You’ll never grow more spiritually than when you serve and use the gifts/talents that God has given to you. Yet, many Christians sit still and hang on to their gifts because they're not sure where God wants them to get involved. Let me give you two questions that might help you find the right spot for you to start serving inside of the church and community.

What bugs you?
What problem is constantly confronting you? What need do you see that needs to be met? What bugs you? What do you constantly notice and say, "Somebody should do something about ________." Sometimes God calls us through the things that bug us. 

I firmly believe that there is a place of service or ministry for everyone of God’s children - including you. You have a place to serve - a place to make a difference. You must find it, because it’s only when we all do our part that every part gets done. If there is something you notice that no one else is doing, it might be because God's waiting for you to do it!

What are you good at?
Inventory your skills and gifts. In addition to the things that bug you, sometimes you can find your place of call by look at what you're good at. God often calls us where he has equipped us. In other words, ministering should be fulfilling - it should tap into your sense of purpose. Ask yourself this question, “What is the one thing that only I can do?” or “What is the one thing that I can do best?” This works so good when your skills & gifts line up with the church’s needs. This is how you know you are in the right place. When that lines up, all you have to do is say, “Yes!” 

If you're one of those "humble" people that says, "I'm not good at anything." try asking these questions...
  • What do other people tell me I’m good at?
  • Where do I find success?
  • What comes easily to me?
Additionally you can search online for a “Spiritual Gifts Assessment” and it will give you good suggestions, but I think often we already have an idea of how we’re gifted. You see God has placed all the gifts and resources the church needs inside of its members! When we all do our part every part gets done and the mission of the church moves forward. What is your part that God is calling you to play?