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Living Grace Challenge - Week 1

This Sunday we started a new series titled "Living Grace" and it's about living gracious lives that reflect the grace of God. I issued a three part challenge for this week and asked for everyone at BGCC to...

  1. Read - Follow along with us through the book of Acts this month.
  2. Think - Consider 1) How much does your church & community matter to you? 2) How much have you given to them this year? 3) Do these values match?
  3. Do - Give something (card, gift card, lunch, etc.) away this week to encourage someone.
Since this series is about the amazing grace that filled the early church this month we will be reading through the book of Acts. I know that some people struggle with Bible reading, so I wanted to post some helps. First, the "Daily Reading Journal" page is a downloadable resource that you can use to structure your morning prayer and Bible study time. It helps walk you through a short, reflective, practice that will help you get something to nourish your soul through the day.

Second, I'm posting my own "Week 1 Reading Notes" which are simply my own reflections on the daily readings. These aren't "right" or "ideal" they are simply an example of what this daily reading practice looks like. I include them with the hopes that they inspire you in your own reading or help you see something in the text that perhaps you've overlooked. I would encourage you to go through the daily reading journal practice first and then once your done read over my notes.

I firmly believe that the more we spend time in God's word the more we will become like Jesus. The disciples were known as being companions of Jesus (Acts 4:13) and it is my prayer that we would be known in the same way.