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Living Grace Challenge - Week 1

This Sunday we started a new series titled "Living Grace" and it's about living gracious lives that reflect the grace of God. I issued a three part challenge for this week and asked for everyone at BGCC to... Read - Follow along with us through the book of Acts this month. Think - Consider 1) How much does your church & community matter to you? 2) How much have you given to them this year? 3) Do these values match? Do - Give something (card, gift card, lunch, etc.) away this week to encourage someone. Since this series is about the amazing grace that filled the early church this month we will be reading through the book of Acts. I know that some people struggle with Bible reading, so I wanted to post some helps. First, the " Daily Reading Journal " page is a downloadable resource that you can use to structure your morning prayer and Bible study time. It helps walk you through a short, reflective, practice that will help you get something to nour

Talk: Less Is More

Talk is cheap, until you talk to an attorney or a counselor. We are surrounded by worthless words online and in real life. We have a huge surplus of empty words but are hungry for meaningful, valuable words! As Christ followers we are called to be people that speak life-giving words. Sunday we talked about how we can have something worth saying and it starts with simply thinking before we talk. Here are the four questions I shared that can help us move towards being people of valuable speech. Before you say anything ask yourself these four questions... Is it the right time? What you have to say might be true, right, and helpful, but it might just not be at the right time! Not every moment is created equal. If you’re going to have a good conversation, one that is meaningful, and builds someone up it needs to be at the right time. For instance, if Jenny wants to have a serious talk with me she knows to not have it when I’m laying down in bed for the night. I fall asleep fast and

Room For Doubt - For Further Study

Jesus said, "Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you." (Mt 7:7) We've leaned heavily on this throughout our Room For Doubt series at BGCC  and now that it's over I wanted to pass on a few additional resources for further study. These resources can help you discover for yourself the truth about God and hopefully lead you home to him. If you have other resources you like, feel free to post them in the comments; I'd love to hear about them. Websites - Is the website from our most recent series and it has a great library of online resources and downloadable articles for those looking for the truth about God. Once you're on their site click on the "Examine" link to see a list of resources by topic. - This website is authored by William Lane Craig and is a treasure trove of great resources. There are several short videos that take very comp