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The Spiritual Obesity Epidemic

We have a spiritual obesity problem in our churches today. So many people are looking for a church that will "feed them" but fewer are looking for churches to help them exercise their spiritual muscles. In our physical bodies if all we do is eat we get fat - I think the same might be true of our "spiritual bodies" as well.

In Psalm 143:10 the psalmist prays, "Teach me to do your will." He doesn't pray to know God's will, but to do it! As someone who has grown up in church I know God's will, but I still need to learn to do it. I suspect this is the problem with most of us Christians. We know where we should go, what to do, we simply lack the actual going and the doing. I know I should be patient with the person in front of me arguing over thirty cents with the cashier, but I not. I know I should speak with kindness when my wife or children upset my plans for the day, but I don't. I know I should listen when someone comes to talk, but I don't. I don't lack the knowledge; I lack the follow through, the execution, the doing.

It's not much different from the physical obesity problem in America. We know what to do: get active, run on the treadmill, walk the dog. We simply don't do what we know. The problem is not in knowledge but action. We need to "do" so let us pray together, "Lord, teach me to do your will!"