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Three Types of People

There are three kinds of people in the world as described in Psalm 101, here you find…
  1. The person that “falls away” - they can’t finish what they start.
  2. The person with a “perverse” heart - they can take anything good and turn it bad.
  3. The author - he is committed to something better.
Sunday I shared how these three types of people line up perfectly with Dr. Henry Cloud’s description of wise people, foolish people, and evil people, look at how well the descriptions fit...
  1. The fools are those that fall away and blame everyone else for it. They never learn. If they drive their car into a telephone pole, it was the telephone pole's fault for running out in front of them. The fool makes mistake after mistake and never learns or makes changes.
  2. The perverse person is an evil person who is intent on hurting other people. They aren’t accident prone; they aren’t foolish; they are deliberately out to take advantage of others.
  3. The author is wise. He is not perfect, but wants to be. A wise person makes mistakes but learns from them and changes. 
Obviously we all want to be wise and the fastest way to do that is to spend time with wise people. Proverbs 13:20 (NRSV), “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools suffers harm.” If we are to grow in wisdom we must find people who will encourage us to be wise. I've found that the only way to do this is to prioritize time with the wise. Make room in your schedule for wise people.

"Walking with the wise" can be a bit nebulous I’ve tried to make this happen by hosting a few book groups during the month. One of them is with men who are wiser and more experienced than me. The other is with a group of younger ministers who are wise, but have less experience. In both of these groups we have made a commitment to meet once a month to talk about what we’ve read, our lives, our ministries, and our challenges. 

Reading a book together is helpful for a two reasons. One is it gives us a reason and timeframe to meet. As a man it’s hard to make a standing appointment with another man “just because.” Maybe it’s just me, but coffee isn’t always as compelling as discussing a book. The book also helps focus our discussion on something that’s meaningful besides the weather or politics.

If you need help growing wise then give this a try. I would challenge anyone who wants to grow wise to try this, get a group of people together to discuss a book. Form a group of people that give you energy and motivate you to do your best, then pick a book and invite them to discuss it with you. They'll probably enjoy it as much as you do and together you’ll grow in wisdom.