Help Your Child Succeed At Church Camp

In our connected digital world the idea of your child going off the grid can be terrifying. When I went to church camp, in the dark ages, there were no cell phones or even local numbers to call. There was a camp phone in some cabin or office that could be used only for emergencies (i.e. heart attacks, compound fractures, death). We didn't post happy pictures of kids at camp. We took pictures with disposable cameras and then developed pictures of rocks, trees, and our thumbs.

In many ways, not much has changed. Cell phone service is spotty at camp because it's camp and camp is not in town. This means phone calls may or may not be able to get through, using the camp phone is still really for emergencies (can you imagine if every parent called once a day?), and pictures may or may not get posted.

I have kids, I want them to be safe, but we all have to learn to let go and let them have fun at camp. As a dad and camp veteran I want to give you parents some tips to help your child suc…

Don't Worry You've Already Missed God's Will For Your Life

Last Sunday we started a new series "Fearless" which got me thinking about all the things Christians fear. One of the top fears I hear as a pastor is missing God's will. I have spoken with so many believers who are so paralyzed by this fear that they can't decide which job to take, what school to go to, or where to live because "God hasn't told them"! If you find yourself stuck in this place let me break some truth to you slowly and gently: God doesn't have a plan for your next real estate purchase, investment, vacation, job, school, or even where you live, but don't worry - this is a good thing!

This is good because if God had a will for your life, you would have already missed it. You would have already taken a wrong turn several years ago and would now be so far off track you could never get back to the original plan. You couldn't get back to the plan because you couldn't go back in time! Just like George Bailey your life has set off …

The Problem of Fear

We live in an age of fear. We fear nuclear war with N. Korea and trade war with China. Just when we stopped being afraid of the recession we started fearing inflation. We’re afraid we won’t save enough money to retire on or that it will be taken away by the state if we do. We fear our politicians (seriously see this poll). We’re afraid of failing and sometimes success. We’re afraid we’re going to ruin our relationships and be terrible friends, spouses, or parents. We’re afraid we won’t measure up or that when it’s all said and done we measured ourselves by the wrong standards. We’re afraid that our parents were right and that we’re turning into them. We’re afraid of diseases and their vaccinations. We’re afraid of fake news or worse that the news is true. We are afraid.

Maybe this is why the command “Do not be afraid” is one of the most common commands in the Bible. There are over 100 commands about fear, worry, or anxiety in the New Testament alone. While it might seem that policitia…

What Is LESS?

If we’re going to live our lives all in for Jesus we’ll have to be LESS so that Jesus can be more. Just as John the Baptist said in John 3:30 (NRSV), “He must become greater, I must become less.” We become LESS when we commit ourselves to Love, Encourage, Share, and Serve.

I think of it like this house. The roof covers everything with the love of God. God’s love for us and our love for God, is what motivates everything we do. It is my prayer that this is true in my life, in your life, and in the life of BGCC.

Under that roof is the family of God. This family gathers every week for worship and in community groups to encourage each other to live all in for God. We believe that a life lived all in for God is powerful and eternal, and so we want to help each other live that kind of life.

We don’t gather in the house to keep this awesome life a secret! We want to invite other people into this life. We leave our house to go out and meet others who need God’s love!

Not everyone can be reache…

This Year Go All In!

We’ve all been there. We were tired, wore out, had enough, and said, “I think I’m just going to do enough to get by.” It might have been enough to get by, but it wasn't anything to be proud of or share.  I’ve never met anyone who said, “You know what I didn’t really try or put any effort into this, but I’m super proud of my half-hearted attempt.”

Half-hearted effort never accomplished excellence. Half-hearted commitment never built a great marriage. Half-hearted devotion never created a deep relationship with God. As I think about how God relates to people I see that he often meets us not in our excellence or perfection but in our wholehearted commitment. I think this is what we call faith. Faithfully living our lives for God. Sunday we started a series titled "All In" and it's about going all in for Jesus this year. Our lives are best lived with wholehearted commitment.

Jesus calls us to total commitment. Jesus’ very life was lived all in for God. Whether Jesus was …